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Product Care and Warranty

Download Lighter Operating Instructions
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Colibri Lighter Operating Instructions (PDF, 2.3 MB)
Colibri Lighter Operating Instructions - Spanish (PDF, 1.9 MB)
These instructions are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader or similar PDF-viewing software to view them.
Care and Handling
  • Never touch the catalyzer spring or the electronic piezo spark wire. This may cause damage or alter its position and prevent the lighter from working.
  • For long-term reliability, clean burner chamber periodically with compressed air. This will keep it free of dust, tobacco and carbon build-up which may affect performance of lighter.
  • To avoid damage, tip of compressed air canister must be kept at least 1" from top of burner.
  • Deliver three short bursts of air into burner.
  • Let lighter reach room temperature before igniting.
  • Should flame begin to flicker in normal use, it indicates lighter needs refilling.
  • To keep lighter looking as new, prevent contact with keys, coins or other objects that might scratch surface of lighter. Sweat, perfume, solvents and alcoholic substances may also damage surface of lighter.
  • If lighter is not to be used for a long period of time, flame adjuster should be set to maximum (+). When lighter is in use again, readjust to desired height.
  • Important
    Be sure to use Colibri Premium Butane, which is specifically designed for Colibri lighters. The canister is pressurized at 45 psi, and our butane cleanest available and will not adulterate the flavor of your premium cigar.
    Use of other brands of butane with unknown levels of contamination and pressure may clog the butane feeding system and affect the performance of the lighter.
  • Ignite lighter away from face and clothing.
  • Be sure flame is out after use.
  • Contains flammable gas under pressure.
  • Never expose to heat above 120oF (49oC) or to prolonged sunlight.
  • Never puncture or put in fire.
  • Extreme heat is present above the visible flame. Extra care should be taken to prevent burn injury or fire.
  • Do not keep lit for more than 10 seconds.
  • Exercise care in use.
  • Never leave lighter on the dashboard or rear window shelf of a vehicle.
  • Under no circumstance should the user tamper with the lighter or attempt to adjust other than by using the controls provided.
  • Failure to follow instructions can result in serious personal injury.
  • Illustrations
    To ignite, open cover of lighter and press ignition. To extinguish, release ignition switch and close cover (see Fig.1). Note, some Colibri lighter models have a single-action, automatic cover that opens and closes with the pressing and releasing of the ignition (see Fig.2). For flint lighters, open cover and turn roller bar clockwise. (WARNING: Flint lighters do not self-extinguish; close cover to put out.)
    Refilling and Emptying Your Lighter
  • Refill/empty only in a well ventilated area.
  • Never attempt to refill or empty near any heat source, sparks or flame.
  • No smoking during refilling or emptying.
  • Be careful not to activate the ignition system during refilling or emptying.
  • Keep the lighter cover closed.
  • Take precautions against static charges.
  • Read warnings on butane refill canister.
  • Hold away from face when refilling or emptying.
  • 1 All air should be removed from gas tank in order to refill to maximum capacity. Hold lighter in vertical upside down position and depress filler valve with ballpoint pen or small screwdriver until hissing stops (see Fig.5).
    2 Set the flame adjuster to lowest position (-). (See Fig.3 for diagrams of three types of adjusters).
    3 Refill lighter in upside down position (see Fig.4).
    4 Press nozzle tip on valve and press down firmly for 4 to 5 seconds.
    5 To check if tank is full, hold lighter in vertical upside down position and depress filler valve with ballpoint pen or small screwdriver (see Fig.5). If liquid is expelled, stop immediately: the tank is filled to capacity. If your lighter features a fuellevel viewing window, a small air bubble will be visible even when tank is full (for safety, lighter gas tanks accept only 85% liquid butane capacity).
    6 Warm lighter in hand for 10 seconds. Wait 2 minutes before igniting. This will allow excess butane to evaporate, and lighter to reach room temperature. If a hissing sound is heard, do not attempt to ignite. Return for service.
    7 Rotate flame adjuster 1/4 turn (+).
    8 Ignite and adjust flame to desired height. If you have a problem refilling your lighter, empty tank and repeat steps 1 through 7.
    Using Your Cigar Cutter
    Be careful when using cutters or punches: blades are extremely sharp. WARNING: Keep away from children. Straight Cut: Place cigar head in cutter opening and slide blade(s) through to cut. Punch: Extend the cylindrical steel punch blade and lock into place. Firmly press into head of the cigar and pull out the plug of tobacco.
    Lighter Troubleshooting Guide
    Two-year Limited Product Warranty
    For two years from the date of original retail purchase, we warrant the mechanism of your Colibri-brand product to be free of mechanical defects under normal use according to operation instructions.
    Colibri offers this warranty in lieu of all other express warranties. Any warranty implied by law, including warranties of merchantability or fitness, is in effect for the duration of express warranty set forth in the paragraph above. Colibri will honor this warranty to the original purchaser only. Colibri is not liable for consequential damages resulting from the use or misuse of its products.
    Coverage under this warranty does not include normal wear to the finish of the product. Scratches to the surfaces of the product are considered normal wear. The warranty does not cover the outer case mechanism, such as the cap and cap hinge, or damage or malfunction resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, tampering or neglect. The warranty does not cover damage from failure to maintain, clean or use your product in accordance with our operating and safety instructions. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from repair, or attempted repair, by anyone other than official Colibri service personnel.
    Request Service within Two-Year Warranty
    Be sure to first review the Troubleshooting Guide above before sending your lighter in for warranty service. Most situations are easily mended in a few simple steps.
    To obtain service under the two-year limited warranty, please send your qualifying Colibri-brand product via insured service, with your warranty card, the original receipt (proof of purchase) and a check for $9.50 made payable to "Colibri Group" for shipping and handling.
    • Do NOT ship your product in the original packaging. Ship only your product, the warranty card, and a copy of the original dated sales receipt.
    • Be sure to completely drain all fuel from the lighter before shipping. Shipping lighters with butane/fuel through the U.S. Post Office or any of the major carriers is prohibited.
    • Please provide your complete contact information. Include your full shipping/mailing address, daytime telephone number and email address.
    • Lighters determined to be under warranty are replaced with the same item, if available, or a comparable item of similar value.
    • Replacement lighters shipped to you from Colibri are new and unfueled. Lighters will need to be refilled with Colibri premium butane before use.
    • The original products sent in to Colibri will not be returned to you. Lighters turned in for replacement are dispose of safely. If your product is engraved or has sentimental value, please inform us in your correspondence sent with your product that you would like the product returned to you.
    • Colibri assumes no responsibility for items that are left unclaimed after 60 days. Unclaimed items held past this time period will be safely disposed.
    Product Warranty Service Shipping Address:
    Colibri Service Center
    Attn: Dept. 99
    237 W 37th St Floor 10
    New York NY 10018
    Watch Operating Instructions
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    Colibri Watch Operating Instructions (PDF, 531 KB)
    These instructions are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader or similar PDF-viewing software to view them.
    Writing Instrument Operating Instructions
    Click link to open, or right-click to download the linked file.
    Colibri Writing Instrument Operating Instructions (PDF, 743 KB)
    These instructions are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader or similar PDF-viewing software to view them.